Who Are We?

DutyLabs Academy is a program filled with creative software engineers freelancers. Our mission is to share knowledge and ignite a passion for improving careers and lifestyles.

Getting freelance clients or a job at big companies doesn't need to be stressful. Start landing freelance clients and jobs today! Invest in the future that you want and grow your very own profitable freelance business. We keep a strong community where we share advice, tips and tricks, and an amazing mentorship program to get you through the roadblocks. We’re so excited to share our freelance community with you – welcome to the team!


What Do We Offer

We help software engineers to become successful freelancers, to become independent, to work from anywhere, with a flexible schedule, without depending on any IT company for work. We show you how the IT market works, how to position yourself correctly in this market, how to communicate, sell and negotiate in order to find your own customers and to make the most of your programming skills.

A Mentorship Program

One-on-one sessions with successful freelancers,
software engineers and entrepreneurs.
Exclusive content to help you start a freelancing career,
an online business, or a job at big tech companies
such as Google, Amazon, Apple, or Bloomberg.
Training and road maps designed for your
unique skills and interests.


A Strong Community

Our community is a safe environment where you can ask
any questions you have.
Valuable insights into the latest software trends, research and development, from people involved in it.


What Will You Gain

Boost your Income

One of the primary benefits of DutyLabs Academy is that it is focused on developing your marketing skills to supercharge your income as a freelancer. *Earn up to $15000 per month as a freelancer.

Fast Track Your Career

Independent workers are often hired on a per-project basis, while employed workers have an average tenure measured in years and are assessed on the basis of an infrequent review cycle. As freelancers, we experience a more direct correlation between performance and outcomes.

Master Profitable Skills

A great product is the end result, but good communication is the underpinning that ensures the right product is developed. We value this exposure because the ability to thrive with a variety of clients and work styles is an essential tool for every member of the workforce, freelancer or otherwise.

I want to join

Why Join Us?

Clear, concise, comprehensive and practical knowledge and an awesome community just for you!

Productivity boosts

In this community you get constant encouraging from everyone in the community. We believe that where everybody does something not one will do nothing because a strong community like this gives you th exact level of productivity you need everyday.

We help you through our personal experience and expertise

We show you how the IT market works, how to position yourself correctly in this market, how to communicate, sell and negotiate in order to find your own customers and to make the most of your programming skills.

Money back guarantee

We are here for you, not for your money. We want you to succeed and achieve what you wish for, so if our program is not the right one for you, you don't have to worry about wasting money.

How It Works

You complete the registration form.

After we recieve you registration, in the shortest time you'll get a 10-min call from us.

You get a free consultation call

We will talk about your goals, your direction and how will this program help you achieve what you want.

You step into our program and community

We introduce you to our community and start your journey in DutyLabs Academy.

What They Say About Us

98% satisfied freelancers

Meet the Team

We've been there, we know the thrill, that's why we created this program. Join an academy led by successful freelancers, previous Google, Amazon and Bloomberg employees, and you will be guided and helped throughout your journey, no matter what your end goal is.

Cosmin Rusu

Mentor & Founder

Worked for Apple, Google & Amazon, freelancer and founder of Dutylabs.

Alex Rusu

Mentor & Founder

Designer, front-end developer, economist, wearing many hats.

Mircea Sorin

Mentor & Founder

2x Bloomberg intern, freelancer, generally optimisic and proactive, check me out at mirceasorin.ro

Raluca Rusu


18-year-old freelancer, robotics enthusiast and maker of Questions Game &
Youth Only Club.

Most-asked questions about the program

What will I get out of this academy?

You’ll get access to a select community of freelancers, and we will personally mentor and help you reach your goals. We will help you find your first client, and teach you all that we’ve found through experimenting on our own.

How much is it expected to make as a freelancer?

In general, we focus on finding US clients, which pay on average between $8000-$15000 per month, as seen here: bonsai.

How long until I get my first client?

This depends on your experience, and on how serious you are with our advice. We will show you how it’s done, but then it’s up to you to execute. In general, we aim to find you a client within 3 months.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you don’t find clients, we will reimburse you the full amount. However, we will not reimburse you if you didn’t actively participate in the program, or didn’t follow our advice.

Do I need to be a senior?

While your chances of finding clients increase the more experience you have, we believe you only need to know enough to be dangerous. We believe with 2-3 years of industry experience, you should have enough experience to find a client as a freelancer.

What happens if a client doesn’t want to work with me anymore?

In general, we suggest working with multiple clients in parallel, if possible, since you minimize the risk of one client leaving due to various reasons. That being said, we also know that a long term client is more valuable. Our program will show you how to always be able to find clients.

What are you waiting for?