A mentorship and community program for Software Engineers that want to grow and do more.

Start your own freelancing business or get a job at big tech companies. Let us help you reach your goals.

Why Join Us

    One-on-one sessions with successful freelancers, software engineers, and entrepreneurs

    Exclusive content to help you start a freelancing career, an online business, or a job at big tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Apple, or Bloomberg.

    A safe environment where you can ask any questions you have

    Training and road maps designed for your unique skills and interests

    Valuable insights into the latest software trends, research and development, from people involved in it


What You Will Get

    Form a network, meet new people, and collaborate and contribute with them

    Actively engage in constructive debates

    Learn to take action.

    Learn from the experiences of the other members. Sharing is caring



"Cosmin gave me valuable insights into how the processes look like. He has deep knowledge about the interview process at the Big 4 and after reading the resources he provided and practicing for a while I was able to crack the coding interview at Microsoft and Amazon. Going there is the first big step but Cosmin can help you further, he has experience in multiple career choices, industry and research, I don't recommend doing both at the same time like he does but he can guide you to achieve great things in both directions."

George 2x Microsoft intern, freelancer

"Even tought I’ve been freelancing for quite some time, I never really had some noteworthy success. I’ve saw that the problem with me is that I don’t know how to sell myself. With Cosmin's help I’ve managed to get to work for a startup, and also taught me how to make decently more for my other freelancing projects. Cosmin taught me the skill of 'how to sell yourself' and how to approach all the tricky questions that the interviewer might have for me. He can guide you into the process of how to get your first freelance projects, how to get a job at the top IT companies and definitely how to sell yourself as a software developer. I would recommend him to anyone anyone who is interested in achieving any of the above goals.

Alex Mobile Software Engineer, freelancer

Meet Our Team


Cosmin Rusu

Worked for Apple, Google & Amazon, freelancer and founder of dutylabs


Alex Rusu

designer, front-end developer, economist,
wearing many hats


Mircea Sorin

2x Bloomberg intern, freelancer, generally optimisic and proactive, check me out at mirceasorin.ro

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